Custom Profile Fields

For Ansible I added the following to the user profile:

  • Matrix ID field
  • GitHub ID
  • Pronouns

I think these would also be useful here, right?

(its under Admin > Customise > User fields)

Ah I thought I already did that, but it seems I did it in the wrong field. Thanks for the hint! Seems like a good idea to have those.

Added the suggested fields :slight_smile: I will need to still find the other setting and reset that though. :slight_smile: Seems like whatever I changed previously wasnt applied anyway.

Looks good! I’d suggest ticking the “show on card” for all three though, right now I only see the pronouns:


Ah yeah I only ticked it for one of them. Thats an easy fix though. One minute! :smiley:

Cool. Just trying to shorten the “distance” between “that person is interesting” and “ah, I know that matrix ID” given the nature of the community - many will not click through :slight_smile:

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Thats fixed now :slight_smile: The mxid and github id is also marked as searchable. That I think makes sense. The pronouns are non-searchable.

Yep thats exactly how I have my other sites. Thanks!

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Now I kinda wish the plugin to mark threads as solved would work on this forum :smiley: But I have some bugs with that which I am still trying to solve. But then I ran into a bug in nixos causing the redeployment to also fail :smiley: So I guess I will fix that later today instead.

Interesting, I’ve not seen issues with the solved plugin. If I can help let me know!

ah wait you are right. I had my head in the “assign” one and its the solved one. So its probably just a matter of setting it up for this category. Will take a look :slight_smile:

Ok the solve plugin is now activated for this category :slight_smile: