Introductions, say hi!

Hi folks! Great to have a place to discuss Matrix & Moderation, thanks for setting it up @MTRNord!

I’m Greg, I help to run the Ansible Community, which has 30+ rooms and we use Mjolnir to manage the moderation needs. I’ve been a community archtect at Red Hat for almost a decade, which means I’m super lucky because I get to sit around reading about group dynamics, sociology, psychology, data science, and all the other fun that goes into community architecture. I’ve also been a Matrix user since 2017 on a personal level.

Happy to chat about tooling, bots, reporting and obviously community data and community building.


Hi and welcome!

Lets continue this :slight_smile:
I am MTRNord or Marcel. I am mostly running a lot of stuff on Matrix, I am hosting the Forum and D4all, I got lots of connections to the wider Matrix Community I think and love to try things.

If you have any questions about the Forum or specific projects feel free to start a Post and we can discuss it :slight_smile:


Heyo! - I’m Mib. I’ve been on & off Matrix since early 2018, but first started seriously using it around mid 2020. I love building stuff, be it software or hardware, and have a particular knack for declarative infrastructure and building the odd useless gadget. I host the homeserver — which is open to registration btw! — and you can find me at

I’m up for talking about pretty much anything, but nowadays I’m mainly working on NixOS, Tor, Rust, and of course also Matrix ^^


Hello hello! Thanks for hosting this forum.

My name is Josh Simmons (he/they) and I’m the new (indeed, the first) Managing Director of The Foundation! I live in Northern California, in the rural region north of San Francisco. I’m a recovering web developer and a nonprofit/open source geek, having served 6 years on the board of the Open Source Initiative, serving as CFO then President and ultimately hiring their first Executive Director.

I’m looking forward to working together to build the Foundation into an organization that stands on its own two legs and nurtures the entire ecosystem :seedling:

Folks can reach me, but I tend to be a little slow to respond to messages as managing my attention is itself a full-time job :rofl:


Welcome! Some prominent person :grin:

I am hoping we can get this forum running and make it a nice place for people. :slight_smile: Still lots of work to be done to get there fully, but I am trying my best to get things going. :slight_smile: I am also looking into making this work nicely with the existing structure we have in the community, like all the project rooms. :slight_smile:

In case of any questions feel free to either open a thread at Forum Feedback - Matrix Projects Forum or reach me via matrix:u/ :slight_smile: (Of course this option is available for anyone :slight_smile: )


Eeeek! A wild CEO appears!

Good to have you here @joshsimmons - we’ll have to be on our best behaviour now :smiley:


I am Laborratte5. I’ve been running a private Matrix home server for almost 2 years.
I like to talk about Matrix, even though I haven’t done it publicly so far.
Hopefully this forum will change that a bit and I will get to know other people from the Matrix community