Know issue about emails lost in spam

Hi admin here!

Just to make people are aware. Some providers are currently putting the emails from the forum to spam. I am going to take a look late at or after summit :slightly_smiling_face:

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Suggestion @MTRNord - make this a banner topic as well as a pin. It’ll appear at the top of all pages then.

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It seems like reverse dns isn’t set up, and afaik that’s something a lot of spam filters check for. Do you think you could set it up? Might be a bit hard with your provider though – it’s the only reason I’m not selfhosting email…

❯ drill -x
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, rcode: NOERROR, id: 41433
;; flags: qr rd ra ; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0




;; Query time: 652 msec
;; WHEN: Sat Sep 23 08:22:08 2023
;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 99

There’s probably also some random “trust” heuristic for a lot of providers too :confused:

P.s. have a fun summit :slight_smile:

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That’s surprisingly hard since a) it runs in a docker and I have 11 ips on the server and docker doesn’t let me pin the outbound Ip afaik b) the Mailserver itself is a different domain.

I will have a look. It shouldn’t fail just for that afaik. Spf and friends should bump the score high enough.

Note to self: networking - Use a specific outbound IP with Docker - Server Fault might work here.

Ah, crap. Yeah okay; ofc k8s becomes a problem, haha. Worst case (and if this were to actually fix it) couldn’t some transactional mail service be used? Thinking scaleway transactional emails or mailgun. Of those two, Scaleway seems significantly cheaper (0.25EUR/1000emails as opposed to 35USD per month for 50k + 1USD/1000emails exceeding) and I’d happily contribute an API key if we go this route :slight_smile: (as long as you’re not sending millions of emails lol :crossed_fingers:)

Although couldn’t you set up reverse DNS for all your servers / use node labels to pin the pod, or is this not hosted on your Hetzner cluster?

Its possible. Its just that I have a talk to do in like 35m :smiley: So its not happening before 12:00 german time :smiley:

Also the mailserver is running on the docker on the host not k8s :slight_smile: thats why its a problem. k8s wouldnt be an issue

I am still learning this forum concept and not sure if a reply or a like is the thing to say “Oh yeah right” :smiley: So you get both today :smiley: Did do that now.

So the snat isnt working yet, but I fixed the SPF record that may or may not have caused this. Also @mib I wonder where you got from since that’s not an IP I even own Oo.

So far sending to gmail fixed the email being marked as spam over there but I need to further monitor that before I call it fixed.

Oh hey, well I hope your talk went well! :slight_smile: Would love a like if you don’t mind.

I wonder where you got from since that’s not an IP I even own Oo.

From, but I do see you’re sending from / instead now :slight_smile: are you not hosting discourse?

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Ah oops. Yes I thought you meant the email ip. That’s a different server than the forum is. The forum is hosted on another ip yes. I just only looked at the ips of the email server :slight_smile:

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Generally a Like is fine for that in most forums, though they all evolve their own norms. You can also look at the reactions plugin if you want more than just :heart: as a reaction option.

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For your info: The post has been unpinned for now because I think it’s fixed. If it becomes an issue again, I will simply re pin it. So this is now being monitored :slight_smile:

I did a “password-less login by emailed link” about 30mins ago and it landed in my inbox this time, so anecdotally… yes it is :wink:

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Thanks for confirming! there is still a chance it goes to the wrong ip since well there are plenty of IPs and it might by chance just used one of the 2 with the rdns entry :slight_smile:

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