This week in Matrix


This week in Matrix

Welcome to This week in Matrix or short TWIM!

TWIM is the place where anyone can share their weekly progress in Matrix, new projects, events or other interesting Matrix related things.

The resulting blog posts can be found over at - This Week in Matrix where the most upper post is the result of the week up until the last friday.

How do you add your things to it?

To add your posts, head over to the matrix room at

When you joined, you can just post a message to the room. Make sure to prefix your message with TWIM: or ping the user with that name. That way, it will automatically be picked up by the bot and show up in the next edition.

Edits and redactions will automatically be picked up, and images can be added by posting them and either replying with TWIM or adding a red circle to them.

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Tips and tricks

These tips will progress over time, but these are ones we already know about:

  • If you use headers, make sure you start one level deeper than usual. Use ## instead of # and so on. This way there is less work to do while publishing and it gets out sooner.
  • Write a paragraph or 2 describing your project when you first post it, and add a link to the Repository and a Chat room. This way people directly know what to expect and where to ask further questions or just come and appreciate your work.
  • Use Markdown. The bot heavily relies on Markdown. Languages like orgmode can cause problems while rendering.