What ways do you extend Matrix?

After a morning of working on one of my bots, I thought I’d ask what other people use :slight_smile:

Professionally, I’m using the following bots in our community space:

I worked on a really janky conference Q&A system using Hebbot to mark questions and a basic HTML widget to display the questions in the moderation room - but I had to retire that, it was so unstable.

We also have a few bridges to Discord and Slack (and until recently IRC) to link up the community, very useful :slight_smile:

Privately I don’t have any bots running just now. I was running the Signal and WhatsApp bridges on my Dendrite homeserver, but I had a major system crash and had to roll back to a DB backup from March - and I have no idea what to do with the old bridge state now, so I haven’t re-enabled them.

What do you use? I want to get some ideas!

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As already told at summit I am using Draupnir a lot lately* and especially working on making GitHub - VirusTotal/yara: The pattern matching swiss knife a thing in it :smiley: (*I before ran like 5 or so bots already but only recently making active work on the project and dialing in my needs)

Apart from that, I actually dialed my bots back. I use no more maubot, hookshot is replaced by the element hosted integration and bridges are running on beeper :slight_smile:

I am however looking into reviving the Fosdem conference bot as a Pretalx compatible version over at GitHub - MTRNord/generic-conference-bot at MTRNord/Pretalx :slight_smile: