Writedown of Moderation Workshop at Matrix Summit 2023 Barcamp

(This was started by @pierre:matrix.asso-fare.fr over at CryptPad )

Reporting improvements

Desirable features

  • Users can anonymously report events
  • Rooms can have a set of moderators
  • Moderators can discuss reports and decide how to act on it
  • Moderators can moderate multiple rooms?

With a bot


  • the administrator adds a state event to the room indicating the bot ID
  • the administrator creates a private room, invites the bot and the moderators, tells the bots which rooms are moderated in this room


  • the report button sends a report to the bot as DM

Discussing the report

  • the bot sends a message in the moderation room with a link to the event
  • the moderators discuss, use reactions to vote on an action?
  • the bot applicates the action on the original room

Without a bot (as fallback?)

(breaks anonymity of the reports)


  • have a custom role level for the person who receives reports?


  • the report button sends a report to the people receiving reports as DM

Discussing the report

  • everything is manual after that, the person who receives the report can discuss with whoever they want then act on it
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